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My name is Jessica, and I am an

Inner Child + Spiritual Healing Coach.

If you are new to this space, I am so grateful you are here.

I am a Filipinx, Human Design enthusiast, trauma-informed mentor and healer for female entrepreneurs, having built a deeply rich life through my own personal healing journey. I am a wife, art-lover, history enthusiast, a 3/6 Reflector, and a Scorpio Sun, Sagittarius Moon, and Pisces rising.

My work is about understanding your energetic frequency through working with your energy field, helping you gain awareness of it, and taking you into the depths of your humanness, while healing, liberating, and expanding your capacity for everything you desire in this life.


My abundant mindset affirms my belief that

every area of your life should be dripping in riches.

There is so much more to your life

than you could possibly imagine. Are you ready to start your journey?


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"Jessica is an ethereal soul, and her beautiful energy can be felt no matter where you are located. My Human Design reading deeply resonated with so many parts of my Self, helping to reinforce my strengths and weaknesses with significant advice on how to continue to grow once obtaining this knowledge. It was incredible to learn and hear about Jessica's expertise and passion in this field of work -- You can tell that her drive to share this knowledge with the world is so strong and founded on love. I am so thankful for this Divine intervention and opportunity to learn how to best serve others and myself. I am confident in my ability to blossom and grow in various aspects of my life after learning the lessons gained from my Human Design reading."

What Others Have to Say

Angela A., Research Associate, MSc.

"The reading was very specified and detailed to introduce terms that I was not as familiar with as well as examples of these to further explain Human Design. It was fun, interactive, enlightening, and felt very personal and comfortable. The reading left me contemplating what was said and pushed me to make some changes to my perspective of things based on the strategy given to me, as well as my undefined and defined centers and what they can tell me. I've found that I have taken some steps to tackle these things and find myself becoming slowly more satisfied with my life and my relationships. Having the presentation as well helped me recall the details mentioned in the reading and focus back on how to make these changes for myself to live better."

Kitanya P., Creative Solutions Specialist

Luciee Reading Review